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Singing Sandra passes away

Singing Sandra (Sandra DesVignes-Millington), the second woman to win the Calypso Monarch contest, and often regarded as the mother of the calypso fraternity has died. She was 64.

She passed away overnight.

A two-time Calypso Monarch, Singing Sandra has thrilled audiences with gems including Voices From The Ghetto and Nobody Wins A War.

In 2015, she spent weeks in the Intensive Care Unit of the Port of Spain General Hospital after undergoing surgery for a hernia.

The news of her death spread rapidly on social media in the early hours of Thursday.

Music producer Carl "Beaver" Henderson posted on Facebook, "A soldier of peace, love and calypso left with her dignity. RIP my sister. You have done sooo much good." In a phone interview he added that TT's musical foundation was “going so quickly.”


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