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Dancehall Artist Jahmiel Gets Baptized

Dancehall artist Jahmiel has declared his faith and commitment to Jesus Christ in an official baptismal ceremony this weekend.

Jahmiel’s baptism, which took place inside the church was completely documented in one video shared by YouTuber Teach Dem however, the name of the church and other details are unknown.

Jahmiel, whose real name is Jamiel Foster, was highly praised by the reverends of the church during the ceremony for the transformative decision to give his life to the Lord. Being a Dancehall entertainer, the ministry was elated about the reach and global impact Jahmiel will have on others in light of his renewed faith.

Cloaked in a white baptismal robe and standing in the baptistery, Jahmiel consented to the sacramental ceremony. Answering in service to uphold several principles, among them were,

“Do you love the Lord God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength? … If so, say yes I do,” to which the deejay responded “yes”.

“Do you believe God sent his one and only son Jesus Christ of Nazareth to die on Calvary’s cross so that you can have eternal life… if so, kindly say yes I do,” to which he also answered, “yes I do”.

Then finally, “Do you pledge from this moment onwards for the rest of your life brother Jamiel Foster, do you pledge to serve the Lord in spirit and in truth and in holiness for as long as you shall live? If so, kindly say yes I do,” to which he responded, “yes I do”.

The pastor proceeded to motion Jahmiel in the water for what was his official baptism and initiation to life as a Christian.


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